How do you create nature programs in a country where virtually everything is surrounded by commercial agriculture and highly impacted landscapes?
My conversation with Jael Nouhet of the Netherlands explores his efforts to reconnect people with nature, while also planting seeds, shrubs & trees to create future forests for children and educators.
It takes a tremendous effort to create the kind of consensus building, commitment and investment towards a long term vision of a future with nature-connected children and adults, and Jael shares his journey, and what he’s learned along the way.
We discuss the many cultural differences, customs and social structure that impacts efforts to get children outside in Greece, Turkey, the Czech Republic, and Russia, and why it’s beneficial to understand how these ‘barriers’ are being circumvented in areas around the globe.
I have endless appreciation for those who are working hard to bring nature to where it is most needed, and Jael is truly one of the pillars of this movement in the Netherlands.
Please enjoy Episode #83.

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